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Policies & Procedures


Return Policy

Regular Stock Item Returns:

Ford Hotel Supply Co. has a 30 day return policy on regularly stocked items, except for “Non-Returnable Items” listed below. Please contact our customer service department (800) 472-3673 or email for returns. Returns may be subject to a 30% restock fee plus shipping costs.

All items being returned must be new, unused and in the original manufacturer packaging.


Non-Stock Item Returns:

Any non-stock item received directly from Ford or the manufacturer will require a Return Authorization from the manufacturer and is subject to each manufacturer’s return policy. This includes days returnable, restock fees and return shipping costs. Please contact our customer service department at (800) 472-3673 or email to obtain instructions on the return process. Non-returnable non-stock items are listed below.

All items being returned must be new, unused and in the original manufacturer packaging.


Non-Returnable Items:

  • Clearance
  • Disposables
  • Custom
  • Products containing flammable liquids
  • Chemicals or Hazmat
  • PPE
  • Product that has been used


Defective Merchandise:

If any item you receive is defective, please contact our customer service department at (800) 472-3673 or email to start the warranty process if applicable.


Damaged or Missing Items:

Please inspect all packages carefully upon delivery, especially LTL shipments. If there is any sign of damage, depending on the extent, either mark the damage on the BOL when you are signing or refuse the delivery. It is much harder to file a freight claim if you do not make these notations on the BOL. Please confirm all items on the packing list are included in your shipment. All damage or missing item claims must be made within five business days of receiving the shipment.


Checking in Your Direct Shipment

Initial Inspection

  • Document everything – Take photos of the freight on the truck and as it is being offloaded if necessary.
  • Check all sides of the shipment – Every item and package should be reviewed for external damage. Look for tears, holes, stains, water, or anything else that might indicate that the goods have been mishandled or tampered with. Look to see if packages have been opened.
  • If there is damage, take pictures and make note of each area where the cargo is affected. Even a small rip in the plastic should be mentioned. Document in detail each and every piece with evidence of visible damage on the delivery receipt, and make sure that the delivery person is there to witness.
  • Open any package or pallet with visible loss or damage with the driver present.
  • If a package is damaged but the goods inside look unscathed, still note the damage on the BOL.
  • Once every issue is listed on the delivery receipt, have the driver initial next to the damage footnotes.
  • Make sure everything that was to be delivered is on the delivery.Do not sign for product that was not received.
  • Most trucking companies require the person receiving the product to file freight claims.Contact your Ford sales rep for help.

Secondary Inspection

Once the initial inspection is finished, with all issues noted, thoroughly re-inspect for any damage that may have been concealed. For concealed damages, it is necessary to notify the carrier within five (5) business days of these newfound issues.  Be sure to uncrate and inspect – looking for concealed damage.


What to do if the shipment is visibly damaged

If certain goods have been damaged, it is essential to make notes on the Proof of Delivery.  The Proof of Delivery is a legally binding contract.

By signing a proof of delivery, without notes, that signature denotes two things:

  1. The goods arrived safely and without noticeable damage.
  2. The cargo is now in the hands of the consignee (customer) and all responsibility shifts to the consignee.

If the BOL is signed and then there is damage noticed after the driver has departed, it is an uphill battle trying to recoup the cost from the carrier.


Accepting the Freight is often a critical decision

If the freight is severely damaged and would need excessive repairs or is damaged to the point where the entire shipment may have to be scrapped – REFUSE THE DELIVERY.

Do not be in a position where delivery of the product was accepted and the vendor and the carrier are now looking for payment.  By refusing the product, there is no proof of delivery.

If the freight is slightly damaged, that is, it may only need a small repair, a few pieces are broken (dinnerware, glassware, etc.), or a replacement part can fix the damaged area, it becomes a judgement call for the consignee.  The decision to accept or refuse is contingent upon what needs to be repaired and if the product would otherwise be functioning. 

If the delivery is to be accepted, take pictures while the product is on the truck and note the damage on the BOL.


Most freight companies want the consignee to accept any and all deliveries.  DO NOT be forced into accepting damaged goods.  By accepting damaged deliveries, Ford Hotel Supply and their customers are going to receive invoices for the product and the freight charges. 


If the product is not accepted, there is no proof of delivery, and both the customer and Ford Hotel Supply hold more leverage.


Please note that disruptions in the supply chain may delay replacement parts and replacement orders.


REMEMBER:  Concealed freight claims must be filed within 5 days of receipt.

5 days from the time the product is accepted and signed as delivered.  Do not wait to get the process started.


Ask your Ford sales rep for help.


Free Local Commercial Delivery on Orders Over $150

Applies to commercial accounts that fall within our set delivery zone near our St Louis and Columbia MO warehouses. You will see the option for free local delivery during the checkout process if applicable. Order subtotal after coupons/promotions must be $150+ to qualify. Excludes heavy equipment. Delivery only available during Ford's normal business hours. Ford reserves the right to change delivery terms at any time.